• 26: Harry & Louis go to Lou Dawg’s restaurant after their show in Toronto where they appear to have shared a chicken wrap, pulled pork poutine and some beer according to the article about it; They were comped a single brownie and asked to tweet about the restaurant, which they agreed to do after they had left; The next day, Harry mentioned on Much Music that he and Louis tried poutine “last night” meaning they shared it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHADSFSDFSJDFLKSDFJ. ( x | x ) 
  • 26: Louis tweets at 11:05 PM local time “If anyone wants to eat in toronto go to @loudawgs . Very very good brownie! @loudawgsryerson” ( x ) 
  • 26: Harry tweets at 11:20 PM Local time ““@Louis_Tomlinson: If anyone wants to eat in toronto go to @loudawgs . Very very good brownie! @loudawgsryerson” That’s no Routine Poutine!” which is the actual menu description ( x | x  ) 

and then you have the restaurant being a tease:

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Me // Royal Albert Hall, London

About 20 seconds before I recorded this, Matty turned around from facing George, to the Royal Albert Hall completely lit up with mobile phones, lighters, etc. He was so taken back and literally mouthed “wow”. His face in this short clip says it all - and then he started crying.

I can’t even believe I got to witness it all, and from the second row. I miss it already. Best night of my life.

i’m bawling 

this is so magical


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I think everyone does. Even happy people. They may not admit it to anyone, but I think they feel it. I think they close their eyes, or go for a run, or take a long shower, so that they can forget just for a second who they are and what they have to do day in and day out. Living is hard. And every day our feet get heavier and we pick up more baggage. So, we stop and take a breath, close our eyes, reset our minds. It’s natural. As long as you open your eyes and keep going.
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